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Vask’El & G Coulter – Chelli (Paul Pearson Remix)

1. Original Mix (120bpm Melodic House)
2. Dark Affair Remix (124bpm Progressive House)
3. Deacon Cross Remix (120bpm Progressive House)
4. Paul Pearson Remix (132bpm Trance)

Vask’El & G Coulter have collaborated together under various guises for over 20 years and with a combined height of 12ft 4 inches, possibly the tallest synth duo of all time?!? The original mix is a chilled, beach side groove with blissed-out plucked guitars and orchestral strings.
Dylan Deck & Brady Degiorgio delivery a deep slab of progressive under their ‘Dark Affair’ guise.
With a recent stunning release on Future Avenue, Deacon Cross adds another release along side his debut on Soundteller. Delivering a progressive remix with a distinctly classic sound to it.
Finishing off the release is an uplifting, upfront progressive trance remix from the UK talent Paul Pearson. Look out for the strings on the breakdown.

Purchase via Beatport: HERE

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