** A Little Update **

Hi guys iv been a little quiet of late and a few have asked me whats going down. Iv not called it day lol.. I have just been having some downtime with my family to re asses my plan for moving forward for the back end of the year and into next and beyond. I have some gigs coming up in the 2nd part of the year.
Those that have asked about my radio show Reflections Radio on AH FM, I have decided to call it a day on the station after 10+ Years. Nothing to do with AH its my personal decision. It does cost a lot to run a monthly show per year when you add up fees and Soundcloud subscription plus money spent on records I don’t receive as promos etc plus the time commitment it adds up to a lot over time so iv decided to have a break from that and focus purely on my music production moving forward and my gigs and of course my beautiful little family. It’s not easy balancing family life sometimes with such a passion for music but family will always come first for me.
I am going to continue with my show as a podcast for my fans of RR probably as an extended show at my own leisure which will be released via my Soundcloud page and iTunes.
As for my music I have a few originals I have been working on which I hope to release in the 2nd half of the year and I have a more structured plan with my music for moving forward now its my soul focus as my main downfall is not setting targets and deadlines which you have to do so expect to hear some more noise from me in the 2nd half of this year 🙂 I have this week off for my birthday to spend it with my family and write some music in the studio. Have a great week everyone! P x